Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purple Kisses for Christmas

Hello dolls!!! This post is about the makeup look that I wore for Christmas, as well as a few items that I received for Christmas.

My Christmas was spent with some of the people that I love the most. We had Christmas dinner at my house which I was excited about because I was able to get comfortable and really relax. I did not want to O.D on the makeup but I did want to look nice because I knew that my mom, being the papparazzi that she is during the holidays, would be taking a lot of pictures. So I decided to apply false lashes, line my waterline with an off-white eyeliner, contour my face, and wear purple lipstick.

Christmas look:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Years Collaboration with Freckle Facedoll!!!!

Hello Dolls!!!! This weeks post is aimed towards helping you find that perfect makeup/outfit combo for that New Years party or club/lounge that you are going to with friends to celebrate! I'm extremely excited to come to you this week with this type of post, as it is a collaboration with a high glam stylist who incorporates street style as well as high fashion looks into her repertoire, Freckle Facedoll on Tumblr!!!! We have decided to work together to bring to you, LLBO Dolls and Glam Squad, a look that we felt would be perfect for you to wear to countdown till the new year!

Also Freckle Facedoll has decided to actually give the dress away to a lucky person who may not have the means to get a new dress to celebrate New Years. The dress is a SIZE SMALL. So if you are interested in getting this dress for FREE..YES FOR FREE, then send her an email at FRECKLEFACEDOLL@GMAIL.COM.

In addition to this I have decided to do a giveaway of some of the products that I used to create the dramatic makeup look. If you have been following my blog, you know that there are some products that I consider to be my HOLY GRAIL products. So, to be considered for that giveaway, you have to tell me what my favorite contour powder is. You can answer this question on my wall on facebook, you can comment on this post, or you can send me an email at I will stop taking answers on Saturday at 12pm.

Here is the outfit that Freckle Facedoll styled:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Cut Crease Look

Hello dolls!!! So this post is going to be similar to the last post, such that it is another cut crease makeup look. However, with this look I used a pinkish/silvery pigment on the mobile lid, a matte dark brown in the crease, and a black in the outer corner to add depth to the eye.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gold Rush

Hello Dolls!!! I'm coming back this week with yet another makeup look. This time I tried my hand at a cut-crease using gold, a matte brown in the crease, and a little bit of black in the outter corner to add depth to the eye.

Here is the complete look: