Thursday, January 19, 2012

Relaxed day (ft. ELF 100 Piece Classic Eyeshadow Palette - Limited Edition)

Hello again Dolls!!! This post is going to be a little bit of me showing a look that I wore recently using the e.l.f. Studio Silver Box 100-Piece Classic Eyeshadow Palette - Limited Edition that my grandmother gave me for Christmas, as well as a little review on how I feel about the palette so far.

With this look I really wanted to do something soft, as I didn't have a lot to do that day.  Typically I go for more matte eyeshadows; however, this time I wanted to do something a little bit different and decided to use   shimmery eyeshadows to achieve this look.

The eyeshadows that I used from the palette are circled in red:

This look was fairly simple because I only used three shadows for this look. 

  1. I used the light gold circled on the left of the palette and applied that to the inner half of my lid. 
  2. Next I took the shimmery brown eyeshadow that's circled on the far right of the palette and applied that to the outer half of my lid, making sure that I blend the two shadows together. 
  3. Finally I took the matte brown eyeshadow, circled to the left of the shimmery brown eyeshadow on the right side of the palette, and blended that into my crease. 
  4. Since this was a more relaxed day, I didn't wear lashes. So I simply lined my upper lash line and applied mascara.
Voila the look is complete!


 My e.l.f. Studio Silver Box 100-Piece Classic Eyeshadow Palette- Limited Edition 

There are many points that I am going to touch on in this review. The first being that I LOVE THIS PALETTE!!! Ok that's actually not the first thing that I wanted to touch on lol...the first thing is that I want to talk about are some of the specs of this palette, then I'll give my opinion of it.

This palette costs $10 at Target stores as well as on e.l.f.'s online store (here). This palette includes 100 eyeshadows, a built-in mirror, and 2 double sided applicators. 

I think that the price for this palette is good for people who may not have the funds to go out and purchase a high-end more expensive eyeshadow palette. For the price you get an amazing array of awesome eyeshadows ranging from white to black. You also get different textures i.e. matte, shimmer, glittery eyeshadows. 

The overall quality of this palette is really good which is a surprise to me. I was surprised in the quality of this palette because of the price; however, these eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and apply smoothly to the skin. They aren't chalky and do not require a lot of going back in the palette for more of the eyeshadow so that the colors will show up. I have noticed that some of the shadows in the palette are better than others in reference to smoothness and pigmentation, which I think is the only downfall of the palette. (One tip that I'd like to share is that because it is a less expensive palette, I make sure that I apply a base to the lid before applying the eyeshadow so that the colors will pop even more.)

The packaging is not bad either. The lid serves as a window so that you can see the shadows without opening it. The lid has black matte lines that outline the shadows when you look through it. In the center of the lid there is a sleek matte black rectangle with the company name in the middle. Packaging is made of plastic, but seems to be durable enough to last for awhile.

Would you recommend this palette????
OF COURSE I WOULD!!! This palette has proven to be a quality palette that is actually worth more than what it costs. Having that being said, it offers a good amount of colors and textures that would be perfect for beginners to experiment with. When I first got into makeup, I would buy eyeshadow singles and wished that I had a palette like this in my collection because it would have made it easier for me because this palette basically gives you everything you need. 

Also e.l.f. is offering free shipping on their website for orders over $25 using the code SHIP25. This ends on 1/23, so if your interested in this palette or their other products then definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

Hope you enjoyed!! Till next post dolls ;)

-XOXO Li Li 


  1. It's amazing what just 3 colors can do. I could never get that look on my own. You look fab!