Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Makeup for the Omega Psi Phi Pi Omega Mardi Gras 2012

Hello Dolls!!!! This weeks post is going to be about the makeup that I did for two ladies who were attending  a Mardi Gras event this past weekend. Both women wanted a smokey eye so I decided to use different colors for them so they would have their own look. (A smokey eye is not always black and brown...you can incorporate other colors to make it work for you.) For the first look I did a bronze smokey eye that I've blogged about before with a few changes, and the second look is a smokey eye that I like to do using a green/brown pigment.

Below are the looks that I did for my clients:

The first look that I did was the same look that I'd done in a post not too long ago called Bronze Bombshell (click here). The only difference is that I added a pink highlight in her inner corners to brighten her eyes, and also per request as she mentioned she wanted some pink in her look because she's an AKA. The following pictures show before I applied any makeup, half way through, and the final look.

The second look that I did was a green and brown smokey eye. I used a really cool pigment by L'Oreal called Intrepid, which is a good dupe for MAC's Blue Brown pigment. What's unique about this pigment is that when it is packed onto the lid it reflects a greenish brown color; however, if you swipe the pigment onto your lid the green changes to a brown. So I packed this pigment onto her lid and took a blending brush and blended the pigment into her crease. To deepen her crease, I took the dark brown matte eyeshadow from my Wet n Wild Vanity palette and blended that into her crease over the pigment. To highlight under her brows I used Select Cover-Up concealer in NC 45 under her brows to define her arch. I also took the champagne colored eyeshadow from the L'Oreal h.i.p eyeshadow duo in Roaring and applied that under her brows. 

(btw this pic was taken at 3am and her makeup is still in place)

Finally finished with both looks! Hope you enjoyed! It was really great to work with these women, they were really down to earth and allowed me to be creative with their looks. I look forward to working with them again in the future ; )

~ XOXO Li Li ~

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