Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review: My experience at the Weave Cafe & Virgin Indian Hair Show and Tell

Hello Dolls!!! This post is going to be about my experience at ♪ the Weave Cafe♫...♫ the Weave Cafe♪ lol....lo siento pero everytime I think about this salon I always start singing the commercial that they advertise on the radio lol. First I am going to explain the service that I received, price, my experience, and finally I'll show you the hair that I purchased.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Curly Girl: How I define curls

Hello Dolls!!!  So obvi by the title I am going to be explaining how I define my curls when I wear my hair curly, as well as how I blend my hair. When wearing curly hair, I like for it to look voluminous while having that "wet look" without actually being wet (if that makes sense lol). That sounds impossible but I think I've perfected my technique and love the results I get.

Below is a picture of how I like for my curls to look, as well as some of the styles I wear with curly hair. F.Y.I. I rod the perimeter of my leave out to blend.