Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alexander McQueen Clutch Dupe

Hello dolls!!! Sooo lately I have been really into shiny, glittery, blinged out things. I came across a picture on  tumblr that had two clutches that made me GAG! They are Alexander McQueen clutches encrusted in rhinestones with the iconic skull as the clasp. 

Image courtesy of Glittering Avenue

Needless to say I had to have a clutch like this; however, I found that these clutches were out of my price range. The clutch to the right alone retails for $2,295 in the rose gold color at Saks Fifth Ave.

I instantly began searching for dupes so that I could still have the same look of the clutch, but at a more reasonable price. I was extremely ecstatic to find a similar looking clutch in Forever 21 for only $16.80!!!!!!! Without hesitation I literally RAN to the register as if it were the last one, which by the way it wasn't lol, and purchased it.

My clutch did not come with a rhinestone skull clasp, but it does have a rhinestone ball shaped clasp. Also my clutch did not have rhinestones all over it, but it did have thick pieces of gold glitter all over it that made it shine whenever it caught the light. The inside of the clutch is different from the Alexander McQueen clutches because my clutch has a silk-like fabric on the inside, whereas the McQueen clutches have leather on the inside. One thing that my clutch comes with that the McQueen clutch doesn't come with is a long chain strap for when you want to carry the purse over your shoulder. This chain easily tucks away inside the purse when you want to carry the clutch in your hand. I have gotten quite a bit of compliments on it, so this bad boy was worth every penny.

Below is a picture of how I styled the clutch

I did this post to say that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on items when you can find a less expensive alternative that is inspired by that high ticket item that you dream of. 

Let me know if you like these clutches and how you would wear them.

Until next post
-XOXO Li Li  ^.^


  1. That clutch is amaazing, totally would love to find a dupe that has the skull fastening. Your dress is super pretty too, you can really pull off white!