Friday, June 1, 2012

Outer Space (Purple/Pink & Black Smokey eye look)

Hello Dolls!!! This post is about a makeup look that I did on my friend yesterday. The title comes into play because I was told on Instagram that the eye makeup looks like outer space, which I both agreed with and loved, so I went with it. Thanks Dre!

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This look features a smokey eye with a pop of glittery purple-pink in the center of the lid, a nude lip, and a highlighted/contoured face.


  • Primed her lids with Mary Kay eye primer.
  • Applied NYX Jumbo eyeshadow in "Black Bean" to the mobile lid and blended up to crease.
  • Applied the black eyeshadow from my e.l.f 100 eyeshadow palette only to the inner and outer corners of her eye.
  • Took blending brush and blended the black in the inner corner with the black in the outer corner by going back and forth in an upside down "U" formation between the two to connect them, leaving a blank space in the center of the mobile lid.
  • Filled in the blank space in the center of the lid with a purple-pink color from my e.l.f 100 eyeshadow palette.
  • Took some cosmetic glitter and applied that on top of the purple-pink eyeshadow.
  • Applied a silvery-pink eyeshadow to her inner corners.
  • Lined her lashes, added mascara, and applied falsies. The false lashes that I used for this look are the e.l.f Essential Dramatic Lash Kit #1714.


  • She applied some of her lip gloss


  • Used my 10 Color Camouflage and Concealer Palette by BH Cosmetics to highlight and contour.
  • Used Covergirl Natural Hue Bronzer in "Ebony Bronze" to contour her face. Also lightly used it as an all over face powder to set cream concealer.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments below what you think ;-)

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