Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beyonce / Ciara inspired asymmetrical bob

I been gone for a minute now I'm back with the jump off! lol. Hello all!!!! It feels like it's been forever since the last time I did a blog post! I knew when I wrote something new, it had to be a good one. This post is going to be about my hair!

A few months ago I went to "Made in America," where I had the privilege of seeing Muvah Queen Bey live whipping her blonde tresses up and down the stage. She sported a wavy blonde bob with highlights. I HAD to have that hairstyle! One of my friends told me about a woman who sells quality hair in Baltimore and has awesome customer service. I setup an appointment letting her know the style that I wanted and sent her pictures of how I wanted the extensions colored. I told her that I wanted a little bit of the root to show so that the install would look as natural as possible. I purchased 2 bundles of 14 inch indian hair, and a lace closure.

 I was extremely pleased to say the least with the final turn out of my hair. The color fit me perfectly and was exactly what I asked for. The cut was precise, the closure looks natural, and the customer service was superb. If I had any questions the owner was a call away.

So without further adieu MY HAIR!!!

Hair in it's natural state with curl defining creme

I didn't really have to do much with this hair. When I am wearing the hair straight, I did not use styling products in it because I didn't want to weigh the hair down. I was pleasantly surprised that the hair has not broken off really bad since I had it lightened and flat ironed it so much. I had the hair in for 2 1/2 months and the hair still feels really soft. I don't get a lot of shedding, occasionally I will get a few strands but not a lot and I did not seal the wefts. I can run my fingers through it without it getting tangled. Another thing that I really liked about this hair is that it does not have a mildew smell to it!

When I am wearing the hair in it's natural wavy/curly state, I use the same products that I normally use on my other curly extensions, which is the "Beyond the Zone" curl defining creme sold at Sally's. You can check out how I define my curls here.

I did not bleach the knots on this lace closure. I did however take an angled makeup brush and apply my MAC MSF Natural in "Dark" to the part just to make it look as natural as possible. I also asked her to apply my lace closure using the elastic band method (there are plenty of videos on YT on how to use the elastic band method). I prefer this method of applying my lace closure because when your cornrows begin to loosen up and get a little bit old, your lace closure will start to slide back which is no bueno lol. But with the elastic band method you are able to pull the closure forward if it starts sliding which allows you to keep your sewin longer without having to get your closure reset.

Parting on lace closure with MAC MSF applied (Knots are NOT bleached)

Bottom of closure. I sewed a piece of tan fabric under to give a natural look

Hair flat-ironed in a bob

Bglam weave is very affordable in my opinion. I say this because the owner, Tonya, offers specials or giveaways which helps to offset what you would normally pay provided that you win. So definitely make sure that you follow her IG @BGLAMWEAVE .

She also has a website if you are not in Baltimore which you can order from here. Since I purchased 2 bundles, a lace closure, got a custom color, full sewin, with style my total was completely different. So keep in mind if you are interested in a style similar to what I have that all of the aforementioned adds up.

Close up of my lace closure

I REALLY enjoyed wearing this hair and will make a wig out of it. You all should definitely check her out, you will not be disappointed! I don't know a lot of companies that have great customer service, can color the hair for you, as well as install and style it. I am thinking about getting crazy and dying it some cool colors that I have seen on Instagram. Maybe a turqouise fading into a deep purple, or maybe lime green? I know it's that sounds crazy but I think it would be fun. Plus the beauty of making a wig is that I could take it off whenever!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Until next time :) 

-XOXO Li Li 

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  1. I really like how you did this with only 2 bundles of hair, are you on youtube? I struggle with the closure piece and the netting, it looks like you have mastered it... wow!

    1. Thank you !!! Though I have gotten a lot better at applying lace closures, I can not take credit for this one. Tonya, the owner of Bglam Weave actually installed my hair and closure for me. Thanks for your comment!!!

      -xoxo Li Li

  2. Looks amazing! Best Beyonce/Ciara inspired bob I've seen yet. The color really compliments your skin tone. And your makeup in all the photos you posted---the bomb.com!!!

    1. Thank you!! I really appreciate it!

      -XoXo Li Li

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